Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry New Year! er somethin....

It's 2013! Just how productive have you been today, on this very 1st day of the new year? I actually got quite alot done. I also came up with this idea to start a new etsy shop which I call prettypennysacks. It started with those little merchandise bags you see people altering. Mom told me how, back in the 50's, those were the sacks she used to get her penny candy in. They are just cute, and adorable, and how could I not just "pretty" them up? So, we'll see how 2 etsy shops go. Got lots done in my first shop also with new valentine's day embellishments.

Other than that, watched part of the Husker Capital One Bowl. It looked promising but my Huskers just couldn't get it done this year. They lost to Georgia 31-45.  After the game, hubby and I took the boys to the movies to see Monsters, Inc. in 3D. Loved it! Doesn't matter that I have seen it a bazillion times, seeing it in 3D is SOOOO much better. Hayden even got a little teary-eyed when Sully had to say goodbye to Boo. We are such a disney family. (heart) :-)

So, what are YOUR scrapbooking goals this year? Have any? Tell me all about it! And as Tigger would say.... T.T.F.N.  .... Ta ta for now.

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